What is Down Syndrome?

What is Down Syndrome?

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Our proposal is to give a little more information each week about what Down Syndrome is, what areas are important to take into account and once this part has been understood, we will mention some specific actions that are within our reach to facilitate the day to day of these children that we love so much.

Today, the collaborating psychologist of Animal Hero Project is writing to you for the first time!

My name is Sara Garcia, and although I do not have as much an idea in the creation of videogames as the authors of this project, I am passionate about psychology, the people development, the effort and motivation that this implies. And if all this is done with fun as what Animal Hero offers, even better!

Imagen Sindrome Down Mundo

Imagen Sindrome Down. Autor: SD_Peppapig47


Supposedly, we all know what Down Syndrome is, but even so, we will make a brief introduction since there are certain factors at the psychoeducational area that are important to take into account and it may be that society has made us label our children with Syndrome of Down as something that they really are not.

Human cells contain 23 pairs of chromosomes.

Down Syndrome or trisomy 21, is a chromosomal alteration characterized by an excess of genetic material on chromosome 21, which causes that in one of the pairs of chromosomes, instead of having 2, there are 3. This excess, causes an imbalance in different biological systems; As each chromosome is involved in the development of several organs, the alteration of one of them will affect several functions. This explains the diversity of symptoms and characteristics of people with Down Syndrome, so, there are not two people with Down Syndrome that are the same.

Cognitive disability, which varies according to each individual, is a consequence of this effect that this excess of genetic material has on the central nervous system.


Sindrome Down

U.S. Department of Energy Human Genome Program. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


Although Down Syndrome currently has no cure, brain development does not depend only on genetic factors, but is also influenced by environmental factors. Understanding this is of vital importance to offer a multidisciplinary treatment in the first years of life in the following areas, which we will explain throughout this blog


   Cognitive area

Psychomotor area

Affective area

Educative area

Social area


If these children receive adequate attention, which encompasses all aspects related to the development of the mentioned areas, great improvements will be achieved in their well-being, quality of life and their possibilities to develop autonomously.

This is the first blog post. I hope you liked it and above all that it has been useful for you.


If you have any question or proposal that I can take into account, do not hesitate to write me without a doubt and I will answer you as soon as possible!

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