The tale What do you eat? Is the first volume of a collection of books that complements the main video game history. On this occasion the book tells how Hero tries to help a starving sheep to find food for her. Hero will have the help of a squirrel, an otter and a wild boar.

The tale is meant to encourage reading habits of children and to promote values such as solidarity and fellowship. It also helps youngsters to enter new concepts such as the different eating habits of animals. The book also includes a set of cutout pairs that enhance memory.

Now the digital version in Google Play!


The cognitive ability that allows a person to understand the emotional universe of another.


Ability to automatically remember the relationship between a word and a meaning, connecting them with objects from the outside world and drawing connections between them.


Psychological process that enables the learning of new information, its storage and acces when needed.

Sustained Attention

Ability to maintain a specific attention focus for a set time resisting distractions and fatigue.

Reading comprehension

Ability to understand what is read, both in reference to the meaning of the words that form a text and respect the global comprehension.