In a distant future, most of the earth’s population has migrated to another planet because of a mortal virus that only affects humans. Our main character is Hero, an 11-year-old kid that is heading at full speed towards the earth with his spaceship. He will have to face countless obstacles and difficulties to save his pet Axel, who had to stay behind when everyone left. But it won’t be an easy task, as he will meet Zud, an evil doctor who is kidnapping all the animals on the earth. Will you help Hero in this great adventure??

Sustained Attention

Ability to maintain a specific attention focus for a set time resisting distractions and fatigue.

Divided attention

Ability to change the attention focus in a flexible way, to pay attention to more than one stimulus at the same time or to shift between them alternatively.

Selective Attention

Ability to select relevant information, while ignoring what is not important.


Psychic functions that allow oneself to have conscience over their person and their situation in time and space.

Fine motor skills

Ability to coordinate the small muscular movements of different body parts, obtaining a perfect synergy.


Psychological process that enables the learning of new information, its storage and acces when needed.


Ability to interrelate numerical quantities by means of spatial and semantic rules, in different combinations and products.


Ability to compare results, elaborate inferences and establish abstracts relationships.


Hero es un niño de 11 años alegre, curioso y amable. Siempre que puede ayuda a sus amigos. A ido a la Tierra para buscar a su perro Axel, con quien se separó tiempo atrás.




Bubo es un sabio búho que vive al bosque. Sigue de cerca las fechorías del doctor Zud, y guía a Hero en toda su aventura.


El doctor Zud es un malvado doctor que abandonaron a la Tierra. Ahora busca vengarse de la humanidad utilizando los animales, ¿Qué estará tramando?